Dallas, TX

/DO: Luis is in the thick of trying to grow humans without messing them up too bad. He used to SCUBA dive, bungee jump, travel the world and shoot tanks before diapers and old nagging injuries became a central theme.

/LOVE: Music is a central theme in Luis’ life.
He plays guitar, writes music and enjoys every genre (seriously, every one except for modern jazz; everyone has their limits). LU is a gadget and case guy. If it’s electronic and cool, he owns it. Sure, you need an electric toothbrush but an electric sock dispenser? Of course! He spends time searching for that perfect headphone case and the one that will keep all his smaller cases from getting lost. Finally, Luis loves to philosophize and think deeply about driver-less cars, the limits of the universe and how to thwart the robot apocalypse.

/LIVE: Luis lives in every moment and loves his wife and kids. Life is good!