Bogotá, Colombia

Tara is an adventurous, recovering type-A overachiever and former college athlete who loves to travel, run, read, and write. When not stressing out about the ways she could be stressing out, she splits her time between parenting two children, supporting her Active Duty military spouse, and pursuing a career in blogging about the comic follies and resilience required for all of the above.

Tara likes to think of herself as an aspiring yogi and pilates enthusiast, even though she still can’t touch her toes most days. It’s the hope that today just might go better than yesterday that keeps her coming back to the mat for more. She is also an avid artichoke and cream cheese enthusiast (though never paired together).

For Tara, “living” is planning for that next adventure–be it out of a suitcase, a backpack, or a friend’s backyard. She has a wanderlust that constantly pushes her out of her comfort zone and is responsible for such great ideas such as eating a fried starfish on a stick, fishing for piranhas in the Amazon, and dragging two children and her husband up an active volcano to see what it looks like down in there.