Our Left Kidney

Our Left Kidney

by dave childress

‘Tis The Season

The joyful holidays are upon us! Time to get gluttonous!
Food, drink, TV, sports, family time and shopping fills our respective to-do lists. Personally, I would eat an entire batch of green bean casserole in one sitting if my stomach and stretchy pants could keep up with my yearning for cheesy, fried onion goodness.

Hats off to the crew at Giving Tuesday for pushing on us all to add giving to our list of overindulgence. We’re planning some fun things leading up to #GivingTuesday but we thought we’d start a week out by sharing a story (because that’s what we do).

Meet Cheri. She is a HABITUAL One-Upper

It’s unintentional and effortless because she is naturally good at ‘stuff.’
And by ‘stuff’ I mean pretty much everything.

Her one achilles heel may be low-grade addiction to social media. However this story takes a unique turn for the better thanks to Cheri’s social surfing tendencies.

This past summer, Cheri took DO-ing/good and LOV-ing/big to a new level when she donated her kidney to help a complete stranger, Ellis Mirsky, LIVE/now.

Here is their story: