Letters to Nico – 7.5 Billion Worlds, 1 Planet

Letters to Nico – 7.5 Billion Worlds, 1 Planet

by eli soto

I keep a leather-bound journal that I intend to fill with wisdom I want to pass to my son.  When he is 18, this will be a multi-year gift that I hope he takes with him on his own journey through life.  Hopefully, in the time between now and then I can plant the seeds of these truths into his heart & mind and water them often.

Querido Nico,

I saw a sign once that read “Everyone is fighting their own battle that you know nothing about…so be kind.”  Son, this is so true.  People have a whole world of events they’ve collected over a lifetime that have culminated until that exact moment you encounter them.  In the daily struggle of thoughts based in fear or love, you can bet that the people you’ll meet will be going through something.  Be the kind of man that can change their world by adding a measure of love onto their scales.


One time we took a container and inside put leaves, grass, water, and bugs to make an ecosystem.  Albeit small, this container was a bubble of life that supported itself.  The ecosystem thrived on it’s own contents until the supply of resources were depleted.  What if we had allowed more leaves, water, and other bugs into this container?  Do you think life inside would have had the opportunity for a few more days?

Now imagine that each and every human being on this planet lives in their own ecosystem.  Not with bugs, like that kid in your school, but with a whole world of thoughts, dreams, imagination, experiences, relationships and feelings inside themselves.  Every single person you walk by has their own life story to tell.  All the collective stories, experiences, and people they’ve met constitute the world as they see it…and how they will interpret yours.

Bring Love to Each World

Each time contact is made with another person it’s contact with another world.  All worlds share their resources with others.  Some worlds feed each other while others drain.  Regardless, all worlds have the capacity to exchange energy.  Life is connected to everything around itself through energy, and no bubble can thrive on its own without.  The question is – will the energy exchanged be positive?

I’ll explain more about this in another letter, but to be brief, the character of a human-being is made of two parts.  The ego, which is fear based, and the spirit, which is love.  The human spirit will live on long after your body retires from this earth.   That is your true self.  You are love…and your mission is to spread love to others.  Love will find a way to live out its purpose through your actions and words if you allow it.

Influence Other Worlds by Living a Purposeful Life

Okay – back to planet earth!  At the time of this letter, there are 7.5 billion people on this planet.  Substitute “people” with “worlds.”  Mind blown – Ears Bleeding!  I’ve explored so many parts of the globe, but so few of the “worlds” on this planet.  You will never be able to fully explore each and every “world,” but there is the opportunity to influence a great many of them.

You are unique son.  God made you a certain way with special talents to use to make other people’s worlds better through love.  I hope to see you one day fulfilling your purpose and spreading love to others on a grand scale.  Talents + Love + Service to Others = Life with Purpose.  This earth needs what you have inside of yourself.  Allow the bubble of your world to expand so large that you positively change the entire planet!

I love you,