At DO/LOVE/LIVE, our mission is to create positive change. The best way we know to do that is to lead by example. For us, /GIVE-ing is a source of great fulfillment. We hope that the light we spread in this little corner of the world will inspire others to DO/good, LOVE/big, and LIVE/now.  

Our /GIVE campaigns will be a way of recognizing that, at crucial points in each of our lives, we benefited greatly from the kindness, mentorship, and perspective of others. We made it to where we are now because someone was there to champion our victories and lift us up after defeat.

There is no better time than right now to become that very someone for someone else.

Proceeds to PeopleTM

Many of us are veterans or military spouses.  Looking back, simple words of encouragement and random acts of kindness were hugely impactful when we served.  Our military service members and their families sacrifice greatly on a daily basis. We intend to move mountains to ensure they are among the first spirits we lift up.  

Do you have kids? Do you remember being a kid? Do you have a teacher or mentor that left an indelible mark on the path to who you are today? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you know the importance that educators play in the lives of children and how important positive role models are to our youth.

We invite you to join us on this part of the journey because we’re confident that it will be an experience that you’ll cherish and the act of kindness that those in need will never forget.

How YOU can help

100% of the proceeds from our /GIVE campaign apparel and gear directly support the people we champion. You would look REALLY good in Red!

5% of everything else you purchase from the /SHOP also funds our /GIVE campaigns. Get cool gear AND give back. What’s not to like?


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