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Game On !

Since my oldest daughter was born (and my 2nd) I looked forward to the many things we would do together. Really do together – hands on stuff , not just watching a movie together and not talking but engaging things that would hopefully have the corollary effect of teaching a valuable skill.

My 1st step on that journey was to have her assist me in building a new media server.It went pretty well , she asked good questions and was interested and still remembers some of the things we went over (she was 3 at the time).I was both encouraged and proud.

I always dreamed of the day we would be able to play video games with and against each other. I’ve been playing video games for about 35 years .I’ve seen a lot of changes but will always have a soft spot for some of those originals like Donkey Kong,Mario Bros,Tetris – you get the picture.I mainly play games on the PlayStation 4 currently.Most games on that system are either too complicated or not suitable for a (now) 3 1/2 year old.

I decided that I could kill two birds with one stone , find an excuse to buy and build  micro computer and introduce her to some classic (and much easier to play) video games

Since putting the system together I’ve been showing her some of the basics of gaming and working with her on hand eye coordination.It has been a blast to see her having fun like i did at her age and make progress. She likes the games so much that I’ve been able to use it as a reward system.

For those with the knack for a little technical tinkering all you will need is :

Detailed instructions on installing the software and loading the games can be found here and here.

Here is a YouTube video showing what it looks like when all the games are up in your system.

I currently have The Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System,Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 loaded with about 100 or so classics on each – plenty , and way more than I had as a kid.

Hope this little project is as fun and rewarding for you and yours as it has been for us!