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Soul Food – A Recipe for Life

Have you ever stopped to think about consciousness?  Think the voice inside your head is you?  Think again.  I like the term Human Being, because it’s both physical and spiritual.

Let’s first begin by understanding what we’re dealing with.  We are comprised of 4 ingredients.  The body which is tangible.  The mind, our elegant super computer we carry with us everywhere.  The heart which is representative of our emotions.  Lastly, and most importantly – the soul, the human spirit, life force, or whatever you want to call it.  We are all familiar with the first three…but how often do we allow ourselves to observe and be present in our true self – the soul?

Many people identify with the voice inside their head.  Unfortunately, that’s just your ego…your psyche…your persona.  It’s a personality that you’ve developed based on who the outside world made you think you are.  We latch on to this personality because we’ve given it so much attention all of our lives.  Consider this – people with schizophrenia have multiple personalities!  Is one of them the soul and the other 13 false?  No – they’re all artifact egos, albeit very convincing.

As powerful as your psyche may be, it’s fragile.  It is composed of emotions + thoughts.  It will try to create a world that it sees as ideal and force everything outside of it to fit into the parameters it creates.  This is an impossible task that causes oneself much pain and suffering due to the limitless expectations and attachments the psyche will contrive.  The voice in your head can be an unbelievably demanding boss.

How do you let go of that voice and be your true self – your soul self?  Stay Present!  Accept what is happening now without judgement.  I personally like to meditate often by focusing on the breath and quieting the mind.  By watching the breath come and go, I am alone with myself – my true self.  I am at peace with myself.  I am settled into complete awareness while staying in the present.

The more you come in touch with your soul and stay completely in the present, you’ll begin to see a difference between your ego and your true self.  It’s much lighter.  Answers come with clarity.  You’re aware of the body, feelings, and experiences because you are truly observing them from a point of stillness.  I encourage you to experience this for yourself.  As part of our mantra says – Live Now!

photo by ELIZA