Come Brew With Us!

We just launched DO/LOVE/LIVE brewing and we are looking for our Head of Brewing Operations.

We’re located in one of the coolest neighborhoods, Butchertown, in Louisville Kentucky. When complete, you’ll be running the production brewery and brewing operations in a 22,000 square-foot production brewery and taproom with:

  • top-of-the-line equipment from Prospero including a 20 BBL brewhouse. The cellar includes 4 x 20BBL FVs, 1 x 40 BBL FV, 1 x 20BBL BT (rated for nitro beers), 1 x 40 BBL BT, and 4 x 20 BBL BTs to be used as serving tanks for our flagship beers
  • a 1 BBL SS Brewtech nano-brewhouse to serve as the creative epicenter for our beers
  • an immersive indoor taproom with flexible event spaces
  • an outdoor beer garden
  • a north-facing second floor balcony with views of the Ohio River and Louisville City Football Club’s 35-acre $200M stadium district
  • a rooftop deck with 360-degree views of the entire city
  • several fast casual restaurant concepts serving unique, fresh food to our guests – it’s essential for us to have top-notch food to pair with our top-notch beer and we are in discussions with several highly-regarded chef’s to build their restaurant in our space 

Our Location in Louisville

DO/LOVE/LIVE brewing location

Street View Design Renderings

Taproom and Production Brewery Renderings

DLL Brewing First Floor Rendering

DLL Brewing Second Floor Rendering

DLL Brewing Third Floor Rendering

Louisville is a Great City

Louisville is a progressive, compassionate, and fun city. Many believe Louisville is the next mid-sized American city to ‘pop’– think Austin 10 years ago or Nashville 5 years ago. Louisville has an fantastic cost of living, a vibrant outdoor/active lifestyle and a packed schedule of annual events/festivals, many of which are held within 3-4 blocks of our location. Also, Louisville is an underserved (i.e. unsaturated) market from a craft beer production perspective which presents a great opportunity.

Butchertown is a GREAT Neighborhood

Butchertown is one of the hottest and fastest-growing neighborhoods in Louisville with a $200M, 35 acre soccer stadium district scheduled to open around March 2020. It’s one of the most inclusive, positive, and ‘craft-minded’ areas in the entire city. DO/LOVE/LIVE brewing, as envisioned, has an opportunity to be one of the anchor tenants in the neighborhood.

DO/LOVE/LIVE Brewing Business Model

We’re predicated on a ‘Taproom First Focus’ for several reasons:

  1. We have complete control over the beer quality and freshness from grain to glass and the entire consumer experience
  2. We can curate micro ‘wow’ moments that cumulatively build brand evangelists
  3. It’s a high-margin business
  4. We can diversify revenue streams with private events and tenant subleases

Desired Experience & Skills

  1. Someone interested in building a production brewery and taproom from ground up – we want your fingerprints all over this project
  2. A recipe ninja – someone who is interested brewing refreshing lagers, hoppy ales and everythingin between. We aim to brew balanced beers for every pallet that range from mainstream to highly adventurous
  3. A tinker-er with an 'I can fix it' mindset
  4. A relentless lab tech w/ an affinity for QA, data, and processes
  5. Experience growing a large-scale production operation
  6. Someone with a fanatical focus on quality from grain to glass

Desired Attributes and Personality Traits

  • Proactive
  • Communicative
  • Relentlessly Positive
  • Transparent
  • Empathetic
  • Someone who leads by example
  • Creative
  • Humble
  • Hardworking
  • Growth Mindset
  • Authentic--what you see is what you get
  • Passionate about a mission that extends beyond brewing quality, fresh beer


Several of us launched DO/LOVE/LIVE in the summer of 2017. We had just enough experience and grey hair as entrepreneurs in various different fields to provide startup coaching to non-profit organizations. We did it 100% pro-bono. Over the past 2 years we’ve raised over $450,000 for veterans/military focused charities and charities focused on helping cure rare childhood diseases – namely Niemann-Pick Type C. The next chapter in our story is to build DO/LOVE/LIVE brewing as the physical location to continue our mission of bringing people together and inspiring them to DO/good, LOVE/big, and LIVE/now.

DO/LOVE/LIVE in the News

Here are some excerpts from a recent media event where we launched DO/LOVE/LIVE brewing:

WLKY CBS Louisville

“The DO/LOVE/LIVE team has a vision and a plan to bring new investment and inject more fun into a neighborhood that is rapidly transforming,” said Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer.

Louisville Courier-Journal

Three of the partners are veterans, and one of them, Dave Childress, is involved in Common Space Brewery in the Los Angeles area. 

Brewing could seem like an odd step from nonprofit work, but to listen to Childress talk about it, it’s not in the slightest.

“We believe that beer pairs perfectly with compassion, and we think it pairs perfectly with community, and we think it pairs perfectly with positivity,” he told a crowd on Wednesday.

Insider Louisville

(Andy) Blieden led off the news conference by shouting, “Who wants a beer?” — which drew cheers.

He echoed the sentiments of others who spoke about the brewery’s mission to be a big part of Butchertown’s continued growth, saying, “One of the most exciting things is to find a company like DO/LOVE/LIVE, who embraces our values” and calling the brewery “a mecca for great beer, great friendships and great fun.”

Spectrum News 1 Kentucky

“Our goal is to curate ‘wow’ moments at DO/LOVE/LIVE brewing inspired by the local artists, makers, thinkers, and do-ers here in Butchertown and elsewhere in the city,” said (John) Flodder. “We want our brewery to be a distinctly Louisville experience.”

Full Video of our 6.19.19 Media Event 


You must be willing to relocate to Louisville and arrive ready to brew and help build-out your production facility in the fall of 2019. 


We offer a highly-competitive pay package with great benefits and the opportunity to earn equity in the brewery we'll be building together. 

If our vision for DO/LOVE/LIVE brewing is something that gets you incredibly excited, we’d love to chat more. We’re focused on finding a head of brewing who won’t view this as a job but instead an opportunity to pursue your passion and to build upon your legacy in the craft brewing space. If the concept of brewing beer that serves as a catalyst to bring people together and to inspire people to DO/good, LOVE/big and LIVE/now we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at

For more info about DO/LOVE/LIVE, visit, our Instagram page, or our Facebook page

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer