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Ask Your Doctor if the Moment is Right for You

It happens to every guy around the age of 40 they say.  Performance issues. If the moment happens organically, then it’s no problem. I can go non-stop if the moment “arises.” But when asked ahead of time…oh, man…I just get way too inside my own head.

I’m talking about “writer’s block,” better known as typing ED. If I wasn’t asked to do anything, hell, I’d probably be spraying ideas all over this laptop. Well, it’s a work computer so…you know.

My friends think I just tell jokes all day.  Some stare at me waiting for me to say something hilarious. I think I’ve developed a complex over the years. They’ve asked me to write something HI-LARRY-US for the Laugh portion of this blog. Dance monkey, dance!

I think about other stuff too you know! For example, if you are on a diet but really want to eat some cake, just put in in your mouth. But DON’T chew or swallow. It’s like playing “just the tip” with food. No calories in = it never happened.

I digress…I’m sure you as a reader feel pretty anti-climactic by this paragraph. We both know that nothing is happening by this point. I’d like to say come again, but…

In all seriousness – I’m a co-host of this area of this blog. I’ve got an eye for hearing funny stuff so hopefully I don’t disappoint. But if I do, I swear it’s never happened to me before!

photo by ELIZA