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Gratitude and Child Labor

Gratitude Con Attitude

Early on we made it a priority to show appreciation to everyone who helped us with our mission to create positive change. Whether through our /GIVE campaigns or our rewards program (more on that later) or just a hand-written thank you note.

So during our inaugural team retreat, we put the latter part of that plan into play with a good old fashioned girls vs boys thank you note battle. The beer and wine were flowing, things were said, competitive spirits peaked.  It was messy. It was PERFECT!

I’ve never seen a more motivated crew of thank you note authors.

Anyway, each package we send will have a hand written thank you note from us to you.  Just a small token to show our big thanks.

Child Labor?

This was more of a selfish attempt to keep our kids from spilling things and chewing on furniture BUT all of YOUR thank you notes will come in an envelope of sincere gratitude.  These envelopes have some ‘character’ to them. That is what happens when you unleash young ones with a stamp and big pad of ink.  We hope you like the results as much as we do.

In all seriousness, the orders are flowing like crazy and we are extremely humbled by the initial response. Keep the feedback coming, we’re just getting started!

Please share DO/LOVE/LIVE with friends, fam, colleagues, etc.  Also, join our rewards program because you get points that you can redeem in our /SHOP for awesome gear.

In the meantime, we thought we’d share some of the thank you notes which range from funny to random to mildly entertaining.