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 He saw me first…right??

My husband and I always joke with each other about who pursued who. He’s adamant it was me. OK, maybe INITIALLY it was me, but he courted me just as fervently as any man should… At least that’s what I always tell him, to which he nods his head slowly in the affirmative with his thick dark eyebrows furrowed.


So Luis and I met at MBA school at The University of Texas, and we met at orientation day to be exact.

Here is an email I sent to my 4 bestest friends within the first 6 min of orientation:

On Wednesday, August 16, 2006 10:06 AM, Amy Sta. Maria wrote:

Hi Friends!

I missed my flight this morning, but made it in…I’m in this technology session orientation thingy with approximately a third of the students that will be attending the class of 2008.

This is so surreal to be back here on campus after all these years. It feels so weird. Although, I’m pleasantly surprised with the pool of male classmates. Just in this one room, I see 2 cute dudes and 1 future husband. My future husband’s name is Luis Castellanos. I haven’t met him, yet, but I see his name plate. There is also this hot chick that just walked by. She might be hotter than Luis. Looks like all the hot people are sitting in the back. I’m going to sit in the back next time…where I belong…hahahah!

Okay, so this whole thing ends around 4pm, and I fly out at 8pm. I took my school Facebook and ID photo just before this. I look fat, shiny and bloated. Awesome.

This is weird, but having fun…I guess.

Love ya!

And Then This Happened…

Of course, I said “future husband” in jest…I mean, that’s how girls talk, right?
It’s like back in the day, we’d be working it at the club, and I’d point to my bartender and refer to him as my boyfriend, but by boyfriend I meant that he didn’t charge me for drinks. We always had several boyfriends each back then. Some knew they were our “boyfriends”, some didn’t even know us…

But now that I think about it, I had never really referred to anyone as my future “husband.” That word carried a whole list of qualifications. I wanted tall, dark, handsome, rich, funny, smart, secure, cool, easy-going, fun, adventurous…you know…the same list most women have. A list that NO ONE in Dallas was ever going to meet. I took my list so seriously that by this point I had been VERY single for 5 years and thought I was destined to be single forever. This is partially due to my high-standards, but I still also blame my high school sweetheart that broke my heart over and over and over again. By sticking to this list, I pretty much guaranteed the fact that I couldn’t get close enough to anyone for them to hurt me like that again. And if a guy did check all those boxes, I would know it was worth the risk.

Then I sent The Email that faithful day….didn’t think anything of it…but here’s what happened:



I married the same man that 4 years before I had told my very best friends was going to be my future husband! Was it love at first sight? Well, he was hot, but not tall, so that was a strike. Later on, I find out he’s not rich either. BOO! So no, not love at first sight…..BUT he was a musician, so we all know that automatically waives the tall and rich requirements.

I will never forgot about that email I sent on orientation day, but I couldn’t dare let my husband think that I was the pursuer. His ego couldn’t handle that (but it really was my ego that wasn’t ready for it). I kept this email under wraps for 5 years until our 1 year wedding anniversary. Then I printed it out and put it in a card for Luis….and watched his head grow a little bigger that day…that’s why I always have to remind him that he did some pursuing too.

So the take away from all this isn’t that women should go for what they want….Although, that’s a good point too, but that PUTTING IT OUT IN THE UNIVERSE WORKS!

I’m pretty convinced that magic happens when you write things down and imagine them. That’s why they say you should write down all your goals. I put that out there and then BOOM — HUSBAND!

Some might consider this all a coincidence, but I know in my heart of hearts it wasn’t.

I better email all my best friends right now and tell them I want another baby, I want to start a commercial real estate empire with my kids, and when I retire, I’ll own an eco-friendly ocean view home in Santa Theresa Costa Rica!

WOOHOO! Getting excited already!