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39 Thoughts on Turning 40

  1. Crap, how hard will this list be to write at age 50?
  2. The morning walk to the bathroom has become the daily warm up for my ankles. Snap, crackle, pop!
  3. It’s okay to say “No” without explanation.
  4. The days of sleeping the sleep of the dead are over. But I can fall asleep at 7:43pm without any problems and awaken bright-eyed but exhausted at 3:37am.
  5. Stepping on Legos is as painful as those parenting memes promised.
  6. Date nights are a must, even if you have to plan them yourself.
  7. Fresh cut flowers are worth it.
  8. Dirty martinis are like boobs: two is never enough but three is too many. Life truth. 
  9. You can actually have too many pairs of black pants.
  10. Sunblock matters.
  11. Sometimes cocktailing in the middle of a Saturday and going to bed at a reasonable hour is better than staying up past midnight.
  12. Loving unconditionally hurts, but the rewards are worth it.
  13. You can have too many cosmetic products on the bathroom counter and still somehow “need” them all.
  14. It’s okay to begrudge being the first one up and the last one ready.
  15. Drinking coffee while it’s fresh and hot is a pipe dream… mostly because I can never remember where I put my mug while getting everyone ready.
  16. Roles are important, but it’s how you look at yourself in the mirror every morning that matters more.
  17. Ripped-from-the-headlines “Law & Order” episodes that used to hold me in awe now terrify and bring me to tears regularly. Who writes these things? Pass me a Kleenex. I swear I am not hormonal.
  18. Once irrational fears about “becoming hormonal” now seem…um… less irrational.
  19. Calling back is important.
  20. Pilates and yoga classes are worth the expense.
  21. Some days some pants fit, some days they don’t.
  22. Say yes to dessert anyway.
  23. Burpees at this age hurt more than I remember. But hey, I’m still doing burpees!
  24. Hangovers don’t care that the kids are going to wake up at 5:30am.
  25. When you say sorry, mean it.
  26. You can be comfortable while flying and still look pulled together. Leggings, tall boots, a tunic, and a scarf – voila!
  27. It’s okay to splurge on the “good” cheese.
  28. Everyone farts while sleeping.
  29. Realize some goals are just harder to complete than others. Maybe this will be the year I can get the children’s baby books up to date?
  30. Running doesn’t have to be about speed or preparing for races.
  31. It’s important to really listen and not just wait for your turn to talk again.
  32. Teeth whiteners are worth it.
  33. Thong underwear does not need to be “folded.”
  34. Know that there’s a difference between being selfish and self-preservation. Thanks Mom!
  35. Words matter.
  36. All feelings are valid; it’s just a matter of how you express them.
  37. Living in the present takes work, but it can be done. Even if only in minutes or thoughts at a time. 
  38. It’s okay to fail and fall. A lot. Just keep getting back up.
  39. Yes, crackers, cheese (the good kind) and a glass of wine (hey, it’s a fruit!) do count as dinner.