by eli soto

I keep a leather bound journal that I intend to fill with wisdom I want to pass to my son.  When he is 18, this will be a multi-year gift that I hope he takes with him on his own journey through life.  Hopefully, in the time between now and then I can plant the...

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by dave childress

A black Nissan Pathfinder pulled up and Superfreak was hitting a crescendo as we put our bags in the back. I had a hunch this wasn’t going to be a garden variety ride to LAX. Theo is from Inglewood, not far from where he picked us up. It started with small talk. Where do you...

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by luis castellanos

When shit hits the fan I find myself pondering doomsday scenarios a lot.  Should I blame it on the Walking Dead?  I loved the series.  Really, just the first 3 or 4 seasons; after that they just got stupid.  I mean, when Andrea died in Season 3, I felt obligated to feel bad, but ended up crying tears...

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